Overwatch Workshop Mode
Relax and find all secrets
How to play
Make sure your game has medium or higher model detail settings
Options > Video > Graphics quality > Advanced > Model Detail
Copy and Import code of any map you like
Game Browser > Create > Settings > Import code
[Right click] to see a picture of a secret place. Find this place and press [F] (Interact button) to get the next picture. Find all places to win!
Good luck!
All maps
Blizz World
Version for 1-3 players with a cool reward

Version for 12 players just for fun
Halloween Eichenwalde

Be the first winner or play in a private lobby to avoid server overload!

King's Row
Route 66
Winter Black Forest

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Santa brought you a new seasonal map - Winter King's Row!

This time, the hints are less obvious, since they don't show sparkles in the air. The maximum number of players on this map is six. This will reduce the chance of a server crash and make the game lobby more cozy.

It's time to take stock of the year ...

This year was full of amazing things. I made 45 maps for "Find Items" and 11 maps for "Where Is It?" mode. You have found almost 3000 items in total and some of them were insanely difficult. I hope you don't see bottles and buckets while you sleep.

There are many more interesting discoveries ahead! But I need to take a little rest from the Workshop, so don't expect new maps in the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who hosts this mode, opens it to new players and helps others. You are the reason I do this!

Winter Blizz World
Winter King's Row
January 24

Find Items 2.0
New winter maps. Improved interface. Beginner-friendly

As you know, I have another game mode called "Find Items". This is the elder brother of "Where Is It". You need to find items from the list all over the map there.
Unfortunately, this mode had a big problem. It was very inconvenient to look at the list of items in the game description. But now everything has changed!

Try new maps and a new interface here! In the meantime, I will continue to work on new seasonal maps for "Where Is It".

Are you waiting for new maps?
Play "Find Items" mode instead!
40 +
maps to explore
2000 +
items to find
apples on Rialto
Made by Foren#2660
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Are you stuck? Let Santa help you!

One of the best things about Christmas is gifts. So I decided to do something special on the new winter map.

After finding some gift boxes in Winter Blizz World, you will receive +1 help from Santa. In fact, this is a hint that you can use when stuck on some hard number.

After pressing [E] you will be teleported to a random place near the object. Sparkles in the air will indicate the area where the object is located. The radius of this area will decrease after using help one more time. Note that the teleportation place is randomly selected, so there may be a big obstacle between you and the object.

Enjoy the hints from Santa, but don't get used to them! This is exclusive to Christmas maps.
Happy Holidays!


Winter is here and it's time for winter maps!

The first map to explore is the Winter Black Forest. I bet you did not expect this!

I really want to release a new map every week. But since I was busy making 5 maps for "Find Items" mode, I didn't have enough time to create new big map for "Where Is It". So I decided to do something smaller.

The Black Forest (which is actually white) is a very small map with few items. It was very challenging to choose 50 different places in such a small area. And I hope that it will be at least half as challenging for you to find them. Good luck!

Fun fact: Player with nickname Leinaad completed this map with only 4 misclicks. Try to break his record!


Auto emotes

Not everyone knows that it is not necessary to press any key to perform emote during the final animation. The game automatically uses your default [UP] emote at the right moment when all players see you. Relax and enjoy the victory!


"Where is it?" is back!

Enjoy the wonderful views of Hanamura and learn some cool Japanese proverbs (I'm not sure that they are actually Japanese, but I really like them).

Thanks to the latest workshop update, it became possible to add custom text strings in game. So I updated some messages on previous maps. For example, message about model detail settings. Even if you have the correct settings, you will see this message anyway.


How to use reward in Eichenwalde

After you win you will be taken to the room with horns on the walls. This room has five photo zones. While you are standing in one of these zones, you will see your hero from a special angle. Use this to put different horns to your hero and take a good screenshot! What fun combinations can you find?

Use [E] to switch between heroes. The movement speed in such zones is slowed down to make it easier for you to find the ideal position for each hero.

But that's not all! If you are brave enough, hold spacebar during the photo shoot. I'm sure that you haven't seen Zen or Mercy like this before!